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With our soft launch our RollOut we thought it would be fitting to also do a soft launch of the kids version of RollOut called Roll 4 Gold.

Roll 4 Gold you try to become an Elite Gold Prospector and join the ranks of one of the most famous Gold prospectors in the world like William Barker.  Grab your pick axe, shovel and dynamite and hit the tunnels and rivers and try to find and mine as much gold as you can.

This intriguing, yet educational game will have you and your children-counting, adding, subtracting, matching and working on odds and probability all while having a ton of fun.

Players will roll the dice and play their cards following the rules of the game and collecting gold and Prospector Level cards in attempt to WIN the game.

 Level Cards

Climb your way through the Prospector ranks as you gain more experience and collect gold!



Happy Rolling!
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