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RollOut Promotes Learning and Life Skills

The kids enjoying a game of RollOut.

The younger generation of RollOut players can experience the same twists and turns as the betting version of RollOut.  RollOut is unique in a sense that it appeals to a wide spectrum of players form kids 6 and up, and all the way to adulthood.

Games and Education

What will they learn?

Since the game was created from a night of working on the ‘new math’ we brought the concepts into the game.  The children can learn counting(keeping track of points), matching(every card in the custom deck has a matching dice value), pairs(you can play your pairs if you roll that number)addition and subtraction(players are constantly adding the dice values) and finally probability.  If you add it all up, there is plenty of learning going on!

The proof is in the pudding

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Happy Rolling!
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