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You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime to become one of the most famous gold prospectors in history.  Do you have what it takes to mine the most gold and become the Expert Prospector?  Discover your land and collect the most gold.  Outwit and outsmart your opponents in this card/dice game and win. But watch out for that Fool’s Gold! Roll snake eyes or double ones and you will be out of the hand!

Players: 4 +

Ages: 5 up

Time: 30-60 mins                                   


Get rid of your 3 cards by rolling the matching dice value of your cards before your opponents and collect the gold. 

 2 Ways to WIN:

Beginner: Collect the most Gold tokens after 5 rounds.

Advanced: Collect the Expert Prospector Badge and WIN the Game! 


Happy Rolling!
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Casual Game Insider Magazine